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Tutorial how to apply for TD Ameritrade account

In this tutorial, I will show you how to fill up application form to apply for TD Ameritrade trading account with sample data. This tutorial is based on overseas application.

The data in the form are just samples and you will need to enter your own data accurately. The selections from webpages could be changed from time to time. I can not be held responsible if you fail to get a live account from TD Ameritrade.

Thee are a lot of data to enter. It may take up 30 minutes or one hour to complete the application. So make sure you don't get interrupted during application process.


TD Ameritrade Open Account

Step 1) First, go to TD Ameritrade Singapore website and click "Open Account" at top left corner.

TDAmeritrade Open Account 1

Step 2) At account registration page, enter your personal information.

a) select "Individual Margin" if you are the only one person that manage the account. It is better to sign up as Join account so that your spouse could withdraw the maney in case anything happen to you.

b) It is better to apply for futures trading account even if you are not going to use it now. If you skip this, you will have to fill up new form to add this feature in future.

c) Select no username and password in TD Ameritrade for new account application.

[1] Enter your preferred username.

[2] Enter your preferred password.

[3] Confirm the password.

[4] Enter your last first name and last name.

[5] Enter and confirm you email address.

[6] Enter your phone number.

[7] Enter your mailing address.

[8] Enter an education partner of TD Ameritrade. When I apply for an account last year, my friends and I applied together at the same time. Some selected a "Danxxx Lxx" in the education partner field. Their rates are double of what we obtained. We selected "Beyxxx Insxxxx" and getting a much lower rate.

If you get a higher rate, you can send a letter to TD Ameritrade to ask for lower rate. Or it is better if you trade actively first three months, then ask for a lower rate with your transaction record.

Click on "Submit" button.


 TD Ameritrade Open Account 2

 Step 3)  Now enter your employment data.

[1] Select your working experiences in investment field.

[2] & [3] Enter your current employment status and the details.

[4] Select is the job investment related.

Click on "Submit" button.


Step 4) Now enter your financial information.

[1] Enter the primary bank in your country.

[2] Enter your annual income range.

[3] & [4] Enter your liquid and total net worth.

[5] & [6] & [7] Enter your investment objectives.

Click on "Submit" button.



Step 5) Now declare your affiliations and Disclaimers

At all steps, select those answers applicable to you.

Click on "Submit" button.



 Step 6) Now declare your trading experiences.

Fill up your trading level on stocks, options and futures. 

Note: If you do not apply for futures trading now, you will have to apply again in future. It is best to get it now than later.

Click on "Submit" button.



Step 7) Now set you "Notification Preferences".

To avoid additional USD20.00/month and save trees, set for electronic notification. You will receive email notification for your completed transactions and monthly statement.



Step 8) Now we need to fill in "Account Security Information".

Create 4 to 6 digit number code. This will be used when you want to withdraw money from TD Ameritrade to your bank account.

 Click on "Submit" button.

 Step 9) Now we need to fill in "Futures Questionnaire".

This will be regarding your futures objective and related questions.

 Click on "Submit" button.

Step 10) Tick "I Agree"  if you agree TD Ameritrade terms and conditions. Type in your name and click "Submit" button.

Step 11) Now we are at "Futures Disclosures".

Step 12) Download all the agreements. 

Step 13) You have to verify your email address for future communication purposes. TDAmeritrade will send you an email for verification. Click the link in the email or cut and paste the verification key from that email to the form above. Click "Submit" button.

Step 14) Finally you are done! Great job and have a cup of coffee. 

You don't have to send physical documents to TD Ameritrade Singapore. You can scan your (and joint account holder) ID card, passport, W8-BEN Form, Signature Card, then send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

That's all.


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