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Tutorial how to fund your TastyWorks account

In this article, I will provide an example how you can transfer fund to your new TastyWorks account via wire transfer from overseas to US. Beware that the information is accurate at the time of writing of this article. You should always refer to the information provided to you by TastyWorks before actual fund transfer.

You can wire your money via Citibank or CIMB Bank if you are located in Malaysia. I found that many people were having problems transfer money to fund their trading account; some said the bank told them some rules from BNM that can not transfer more than x amount of money; some said should set up a USD currency account in local bank, only then transfer the money etc. I have no issue funding my account. You can visit CIMB Bayan Baru Branch or Citibank Penang if you are located in Penang. The staffs there have experiences for this type of transfer.

Please be aware that your fund transfer may be rejected even it is a small error in your form. The fund returned to you will be lesser than you sent initially after currency conversion both ways as well as processing charges from both US and your bank. So always double check your information before transfer your money.

If you want to take advantage of the "Bob the Trader" promotion, you need to transfer at least USD2000. Noted that US bank agent's charges might be around USD25 to 30 per transfer. So it is good to transfer at least USD2030 or ask details from your bank.

Tutorial how to apply for TastyWorks account

In this tutorial, I will show you how to fill up application form to apply for TastyWorks trading account with sample data. This tutorial is based on overseas application.

The data in the form are just samples and you will need to enter your own data accurately. The selections from webpages could be changed from time to time. I can not be held responsible if you fail to get a live account from

Tastyworks released and now available worldwide

Tastyworks was released in early January this year for USA users. I stated my interest to open an account since end of 2016 but the release for overseas customers was delayed month after month. But finally it is now available for Malaysia in May. Some of my friends have received invitation letter and now are in the process of application.

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