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Facebook Groups on Options Trading

On top of studying options strategies from books, I also join several Facebook groups discussing options trading. In the groups, there are people that disclose their latest trades, ideas, strategies and even P&L of their trades. Normally there are active participants in each group and I can learn a lot of things from them. Many times I can find new strategies and ideas from the groups. I will try out some of the strategies and see if I can use them in long term. 

I do not join a lot of groups, just five with active members.


Here are the list: 

tastytrade discussion group 

- Currently 6.3K members.

- I joined this group in 2017 and invited few friends to the group too. 

- I normally read the post in this group every day and follow/save those post that are interesting.

- Not al the members are using methodology from Tastytrade. Many of them are traders with great experiences. This is where I can learn a lot of new strategies.

- Dr. Russell Richards, author of "Trade Options with an Edge", also one of the member in the group. He published many white papers on options strategies in the group.


Options Trading Strategies 

- Currently 3.8K members.

- Joined this group recently.

- Visit the group on and off and look for trading ideas.



- Currently 78.7K members.

- Joined this group end of 2018.

- I am not on Robinhood trading platform.

- Visit the group from time to time and look for trading ideas.


ziptrader circle 

- Currently 9.7K members.

- Join this group recently

- Visit the group from time to time and look for trading ideas.


Options Traders 

- Currently 8.8K members

- Forgot when I joined this group.

- I visit the group frequently and looking interesting posts.


If you have any good facebook groups to share, please leave a comment.

Thank you.


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