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    Just like any options strategies, earnings play with short strangle based on IVR is not without risk. The stock price could gap up or down after earning results. One of the legs in strangle might be tested if the stock price continue in that direction. Another leg will be untested and very cheap to BTO. However, this is the stage we need to defend our position to minimize overall loses, or if lucky, get out the position either break even or small scratches. After the initial Earnings Play with Short Strangle on UBER (IPO) in May in 2019, my subsequent

    Tastyworks was already a low price trading platform since it first released around 2017. Tastyworks is now lower it's price inline with current market developments. Starting Oct 16 2019, there will be $0 commissions for trading shares on stock and ETFs. So if you trade stocks, options and futures, then you should take advantage of Tastyworks new low prices. As for TD Ameritrade, I received an email from TD Ameritrade US on Oct 2 2019 that the fees is also lowered for US trader. You can check out their pricing here. However, fees structure remains the same for international traders.

     LYFT was first traded in March 2019 with 37 million transactions on the first day. The company reported first earnings since IPO on May 7th after market. However, I missed the earnings play at that time. The reason was the IV (no IVR yet for LYFT) for this stock was lower then period April 10th to April 16th. The stock went sideways after mid June and before second earnings report. On Aug 7th, the IV was as high as April 10th to April 16th. LYFT was going to report earnings on that day after market. Just like UBER earning play,

    If you have an account with TD Ameritrade Singapore, you might have received email from them asking you to update IRS Form W-8BEN, both you and co-owner (if you have) of the account.  If TD Ameritrade Singapore does not receive updated info by December 6, 2019, your account will be subject to trading restrictions and U.S. federal backup withholding. Your account will be restricted to closing transactions only, and you will not be able to open new positions. In addition, TD will convert your Foreign account to a U.S. Taxpayer account after the end of this year. TD's clearing

    Uber is a no stranger company for many of us before its IPO on May 10 2019. The first day volume was 186 millions share but lowest around 11 millions in the month of May 2019. UBER was going to report its first earning results since IPO on May 30th after market closed. There was no prior earning data and we were unable to know how market going to react after earnings. There was no IVR (or IV Percentile in ThinkorSwim) data available for us to make decision. The IVR script I set earlier needs one year data on

    On top of studying options strategies from books, I also join several Facebook groups discussing options trading. In the groups, there are people that disclose their latest trades, ideas, strategies and even P&L of their trades. Normally there are active participants in each group and I can learn a lot of things from them. Many times I can find new strategies and ideas from the groups. I will try out some of the strategies and see if I can use them in long term.  I do not join a lot of groups, just five with active members.

    One of my trades is earnings play using Short Strangle strategy with IV Rank. During the earnings reporting season, there are always uncertainty to the stocks that going to announce their results. Regardless the earnings results - within expectations or surprises - the implied volatility and IVR most likely will go up each day due to uncertainty right before the announcement. What we can do is to 1) scan stocks with high IVR one trading day before the earnings announcement. I usually look for the stock with IVR 70 or above. 2) ensure the IVR crushed dramatically

    A strangle is an options strategy involves a put at a strike price Kp and a call at a strike price Kc, where Kp < S < Kc and S is the stock price. Both put and call options are at the same expiration.A strangle is an options strategy involves a put at a strike price Kp and a call at a strike price Kc, where Kp < S < Kc and S is the stock price. Both put and call options are at the same expiration. 

    I had showed you how to scan for IV Rank using IV Percentile on Thinkorswim platform in the last article.  I use the scan to find stocks and ETFs with high IV Rank everyday before market open. I only trade options for stocks and ETFs with high IV Rank, following tastytrade methods. However, I am not able to tell is the IV Rank for certain stock or ETF trending up or down from the scanning results. It is more useful if we have the visual on the trend of IV Rank in the chart. Tastyworks is not really good for

    Are you interested in a book that provides a very comprehensive coverage of the tastytrade method of trading options? Would you like to have a powerful software package that performs most of the calculations you might need to support your trading? I used to view many videos from TastyTrade website to understand their trading methodology. There are so many videos that I have to view on and off and they are not in very organised manner.  I later found a book that is written according to TastyTrade trading methodology. This book is my best reference whenever I want to trade options.

    One of the key options trading strategies for TastyTrade is utilizing IVR (Implied Votality Rank). You can find so many videos related to IVR discussion at TastyTrade website. If you have account (you are not able to register as new user now after they release TastyWorks platform) or already in TastyWorks platform, you will be able to find stocks with IVR indicator at the "Grid" page. I used to rely on stocks listed at Grid page to set my options strategy. However, the number of stocks listed in Grid page is very limited. So I need to find a way

    In this article, I will provide an example how you can transfer fund to your new TD Ameritrade account via wire transfer from overseas to US. Beware that the information is accurate at the time of writing of this article. You should always refer to the information provided to you by TD Ameritrade before actual fund transfer. You can wire your money via Citibank or CIMB Bank if you are located in Malaysia. Please be aware that your fund transfer may be rejected even it is a small error in your form. The fund returned to you will
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